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Please let us take a few minutes of your valuable time to introduce ourselves. We like many other performace car drivers were keen to have something a bit different from the norm and at the same time enjoy our cars. It had to be something sporty with plenty of go. It had to have four doors for family use. It also had to have handling capabilities to match the performance. It was not an easy choice to make.

We managed to rule out a lot of vehicles quickly as they did not meet all the criteria, then came the difficult part. We narrowed it down to a few select four wheel drive cars of which the Impreza and Evo stood out of the crowd. Finally we went for the Impreza. For no other reason than we loved the car and the MPG was better than the EVO.

After a few months of driving these Japanese marvels every day we started to find where the deficiencies were and set about correcting these. As we progressed and became more involved it was found that at local owners group meetings, track days etc. The question "where did you get that from"? or "who did that for you"? was becoming a regular feature of the day. Thats why recently the decision was made to create this web-site, as a point of reference if you like.

Our recent involvement with a number of suppliers to the Scooby community is just the beginning, as it has entailed us working closely with them on various projects, mainly based around styling issues. Between us and their customers we have formed a picture of what the customer wants This enables us to focus our attention on supplying it.

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01/09/03 Flyer available for the McBig One @ Knockhill. Loads of updates to be done from most of the events this year PLUS new GFS (goods for sale) and Projects to be added shortly so keep your eyes peeled

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